Before opting for any watch, it also depends on the phone you have which will basically make up your mind for which one you are up to. An Android phone is needed by the LG Watch Urbane that is of version 4.3 or higher than that. However, Apple Watch obviously works with Apple iPhones only.

Apple Watch VS LG Watch Urbane Features

Apple Watch Size VS LG Watch Urbane Size

There is a huge size difference between the two watches. The size of LG Watch Urbane is 28 percent wider, 24 percent taller as well as 4 percent thicker compared to Apple Watch and there are more models with even bigger size differences. The size of watch urbane isn’t a problem because even though the faces are big, they are good timekeeping watches. Apple Watch has a more compact and fit size to use with more advanced technology.

Apple Watch Screen VS LG Watch Urbane Screen

Apple Watch with no doubt has a very sharp screen having a Retina Display so it looks amazing overall. The contrast is perfect with rich colors in it. On the other hand, the pixel density of LG Watch Urbane is less being of 245 PPI with 326 PPI as that of iwatch but we do know that the screen of urbane is bigger 21% giving a really good look to your notifications and alerts.

The screen of Watch Urbane is on all the time however; the battery is so good that even if you keep it on for the whole day, it will still work with no issues. This isn’t the case with iwatch and one need to tap or lift its wrist in order to turn on the screen once it gets off.

Apple Watch Design VS LG Watch Urbane Design

Smooth stainless steel finish is given in LG Watch Urbane along with a leather band. There is an option that people can switch it with other bands of 20 mm. Apple watch on the other hand, is made up of aluminum body with a rubber band. It is interesting to note that it actually looks great and stylish! If you want a stainless steel iWatch, you need to pay more for it that is over US$17 grand for 18k Gold iWatch.

Apple Watch Notifications VS LG Watch Urbane Notifications

Talking about the alerts and notifications, both the watches handle it well enough after pairing it with your smartphone. When a alert comes, there is a little vibration in the watch. Apple has added more of a human touch in its watch and it feels like a tap. Watch urbane’s alerts are similar to the vibration of a smartphone.

Apple Watch Software VS LG Watch Urbane Software

The controlling system is different in both the watches. Watch Urbane opted for touch screen only along with a side button that can be used as a shortcut or a home button in Apple Watch, the touch is a main option but there is a digital crown too. It can be used to zoom in, out, scroll up and down on the screen.

If we were asked to choose any two smartwatches than should be preferred while buying one, we would definitely go for LG Watch Urbane and iWatch. So what makes them one of the best wearables ever? Let’s get into it!

Apple Watch VS LG Watch Urbane
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