Android Wear smartwatches has tons of collections in which one of them is LG G Watch R also known to be one of the most demanded watches ever. There are a lot of Apple iPhone users who are bound to use Apple Watch only and they shouldn’t be left behind with what they are missing and what they are gaining.

Apple Watch VS LG G Watch R

So checking out the opposition party isn’t a bad idea either. Let’s take a good look of Apple Watch and LG G Watch R to see which device makes most of it.

Apple Watch Compatibility VS LG G Watch R Compatibility

LG G Watch R being an android smartwatch makes it a bit cheaper as compared to Apple Watch so the availability area isn’t a big deal but compatibility does brings up an argument. Apple Watch can only be used with an iPhone as mentioned previously. Android devices and phones can make use of LG G Watch R easily. Google is also trying to come up with a watch that will be compatible with iPhone as well.

Apple Watch Design VS LG G Watch R Design

Moving on, the design and built is excelled in both the watches indeed. They both look premium quality wise and really classy.

The LG G Watch R is truly a stylish one and we all know that design and style matters when every android smartwatch has the same thing to offer ion terms of software, hardware etc. the watch consists of round screen and not square just like the Moto 360 Smartwatch so it has a traditional wristwatch style in it.

There is a leather strap and stainless steel in it. the standard size being of 22 mm so you can adjust according to your size. Moreover, it is water and dust-proof for as long as 30 minutes because it is IP67 rated.

Apple Watch Sizes VS LG G Watch R Sizes

There are two different sizes for men and women in Apple iWatch. Apple Watch collection is made up of an alloy of stainless steel with a case of black and silver color. Apple Watch Sport collection on the other hand is even more stronger and harder approximately 60% more having anodized aluminium case in colors of space grey and silver.

18-carat yellow- or rose gold is used by Apple Watch Edition collection. The strap options include Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle, Milanese Loop, Sport Band and Link Bracelet.

Apple Watch Features VS LG G Watch R Features

iOS-based software is found in Apple Watch for obvious reasons. One can install apps, send texts and even make calls from both the watches. there is a voice assistant available that is Siri in iWatch and Google now in LG G Watch R. emails can also be checked, there is a play back music, photos can be viewed and even notifications.

Apple iWatch has a bit more advantages that include options of Digital touch so you can connect with a friend instantly, glances of information from the screen; button under the Digital Crown is of real help too as it displays photos of your friends.

Apple Watch vs LG G Watch R Features
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