When the Apple Watch was released it really didn’t have any competitor because it just excelled in everything including interface design, hardware quality and performance as well. But later on, watches by Android started improving and the overall design, specs and hardware performance started to upgrade. Huawei Also Launched their Huawei Watch which is also a big competitor for Apple iWatch.

Apple Watch VS Huawei Watch Features

Apple Watch Design VS Huawei Watch Design

Apple Watch is all curved from the edges. It has a small digital crown dial and to navigate the interface, there is a touch display on it. The Apple Watch isn’t much of a traditional watch and has been measured as 42mm value vertically but horizontally it is approximately the same value too which is 35.9mm. the thickness measured by the Apple is 10.5mm but if we include the sensors on the back, it becomes 11.5mm.

Apple Watch Size VS Huawei Watch Size

Huawei Watch is more of a traditional kind and has a Swiss inspiration in it. There is a smart crown at 2 o’clock along with a touch display. No one can recognize much from far because it looks completely like a real watch. It looks totally classic, fashionable with an option of changing the straps with its good looking rounded designs.

Apple Watch Screen VS Huawei Watch Screen

Apple iWatch has a very good Resolution. The pixels are dense and have earned the retina label. However, the display size is quite small. Moreover, this iwatch has a technology called Force Touch which is related to it being pressure sensitive. It can detect changes in the light presses and deep presses UI commands sans Multitouch are solved through it. Huawei Watch has less pixel density but good screen resolution.

Apple Watch Battery Life VS Apple Watch Battery Life

Moving on to battery life, proprietary charging cradle is required by both the watches. iWatch states to last about 18h  after charging once completely. Huawei Smartwatch honestly has a better battery having 30% more capacity. After one complete charging, it can last for up to two days. The technology used is new and great!

Apple Watch Water Resistance VS Huawei Watch Water Resistance

Well, having a high IP number means better protection. iWatch and Huawei Watch both are water resistant but not waterproof. Iwatch can survive upto 3 meter for 30 minutes by IPX7 rating so its okay to not take it off while going for a shower or exercising. Huawei Smartwatch has a dust protection level too having an IP of 67.

Apple Watch Connectivity VS Huawei Watch Connectivity

It is important for iwatch and Huawei watch infact all the smartwatches that they should be connected to their phones in order to work. So one is required to carry both the things when running etc. iwatch works wifi and both the devices should be connected to the same network.

Huawei Watch can still manage to get all the notifications on Wifi even if the user gets out of range. It can be connected to any wifi so one can place its phone at home and watch somewhere else and still receive all the alerts.

Apple Watch VS Huawei Watch
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