The first smart watch by the Fitbit is called the Blaze which is basically a fitness watch. Comparisons between the Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze Watch is of course unavoidable and people will try to new about every single thing in it because they only have one wrist to wear this tech.  So all they have is a choice between iWatch of the Blaze.

Apple Watch VS Fitbit Blaze Watch

Apple Watch Design VS Fitbit Blaze Watch Design

Apple Watch Design is not less delicate than the Fitbit Blaze Watch Design. Given below are the design and model details of both Apple Watch as well as Fitbit Blaze Watch.

Fitbit Blaze Watch Design

Fitbit has designed the Blaze as the best one so far. It’s not very stylish in looking has a rough elastomer plastic band. Different types of straps can also be selected to have a good smartwatch feel. We think it has been somehow influenced by Apple in terms of design and coming in with leather and metal bands for various kinds of looks.

Apple Watch Design

Apple however; offers even more variety when it comes to design. There are three models from which you can choose: Sport, Watch and Watch Edition along with two types of sizes. There is Apple Watch Hermès Collection available for even better looking smartwatches but they cost a bit too high as it has a designer strap in it.

Apple Watch Screen VS Fitbit Blaze Watch Screen

The Fitbit Blaze Watch and Apple Watch both have different screen technologies but the colour touchscreen displays are the same. OLED screen technology is used by Apple along with a Sapphire crystal glass protection coming in two sizes. There is a 340 x 272 pixel resolution in 38mm version and 390 vs 312 pixel resolution in 42mm version. There is a 1.6-inch LCD screen chosen by Blaze Watch having a resolution of 240 x 180. The coating is of Gorilla Glass 3 as to give even more durability. Anyways, iWatch design has won here being more superior than the Blaze.

Apple Watch Activity Tracking VS Fitbit Blaze Watch Activity Tracking

This is a very important part when we talk about smartwatches. The Fitbit Blaze Watch is perhaps very efficient in this area. The features are numerous indeed. It can track your active time, calories burned, sleep, steps, floors climbed and even has a sensor for optical heart rate for measuring HR and active time.

Apple Watch Software VS Fitbit Blaze Watch Software

iWatch does needs some improvements in this aspect through a software update. It still has a gyro sensor, heart rate monitor that makes use of green LED lights for detecting changes in the blood volume and Accelerometer. These parts work very similar as that of the Blaze. GPS isn’t found in any of them so if one needs to keep a track of their runs; they will have to carry their phone.

Apple Watch Notifications VS Fitbit Blaze Watch Notifications

The Fitbit Blaze Watch enables the users to reject or answer the calls, control music playback and even receive notifications from emails. Whatsapp messages can also be seen after the recent update by the Android. Other notifications like that of Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are not supported yet. Through Apple Watch, all the notifications can be received and even controlled as to which one you want to see.

Apple Watch VS Fitbit Blaze Watch
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