Apple Iphone 7 is what most of the people are naming as the next generation phone. This simply shows what they are really expecting from Apple and that’s somewhere near a lot. Also that, “S” upgrade was brought by iPhone in 2015 that had new features such as with good processor and camera as well. There are two versions released by Apple so yes there will also be iphone 7 plus releasing this year. Apple might still go with 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes this time too.

Apple iPhone 7 Battery Life

Apple iPhone 7 Camera and Battery

Apple overhauled its camera tech for the iPhone 6S, replacing its old 8MP snapper with a camera of about 12MP one and boosting the front camera up to 5MP.

The camera components will be the same as Apple takes a long time in changing megapixels for the iPhone. There might be optical image stabilization seen in iphone 7 along with a dual-lens snapper, camera bump fixes. The camera lens will be big this time with a large sensor as well.

Even though the battery was quite a disappointment, we don’t really expect much from this part as there are rumors of iPhone 7 being slimmer than iphone 6.

Apple iPhone 7 OS and Power

At the moment, we are at ios 9 and yes iphone 7 will obviously come up with iOS 10 that clearly means there will be redesigning of Apple music and improvements in Siri

It might have performance boost too consisting of hexa-core A10 chip and not the dual-core processor found in iPhone 6S. If iphone 7 makes that of a jump, it will be really exciting. Iphone 6s had 2GB RAM so the RAM will likely be the same although 3GB RAM is what they consider in the upgrade of iphone 7.

Upcoming Apple Features

Doesn’t matter if this Apple iphone 7 looks the a bit similar to the iphone 6s, it will be kind of changed when we talk about the inside; it will be different and complex. The rumors and news says that the home button will be redesigned which will be more like a sensor than a button where all you have to do is place your finger. This home button will also be pressure-sensitive taking you to somewhere else if pressed hardly.

Apple iPhone 7 Colors

This is what a chinese social networking site Weibo has told us so far but even there are actually five different prototypes, not all may make it to the final model of iphone 7.

This model could also have smaller headphone jack as compared to iPhone 6S but it shouldn’t actually be called a feature as this will somewhat annoy the users to unnecessary slim down the jack just because of the slimmer version of the phone itself.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors & iPhone 7 Latest Talks
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