For now, all we have is iPhone 6s as the best phone from Apple that they have come up with however most of us would agree with the fact that it was quite similar to iPhone 6 and it missed something really fascinating which the masses were expecting. So all we do is hope for it to be in Apple iPhone 7. What we expect is a lot of different and unique features, new designs etc. so what are the leaks and rumors that are coming up?  The expectations from Apple iPhone 7 are high so let’s see what the talks and rumors have to say.

iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

it is quite certain that Apple iphone 7 will be available in the market somewhere near September 2016 which is not that far from now on so cheers! All the phones launched by apple were in September and we do know how punctual it is in that area. However, a trustworthy source does says that apple iphone 7 might be launched a bit early this time but we still don’t know the exact date as manufacturing and development does takes time. Let’s just hope and wait till September.

Apple iPhone 7 Design

So what can be the big changes ifans can actually look forward to? It might be slimmer compared to apple iphone 6s which is about 7.1 mm thick so the expected size is somewhere between 6-6.6mm thickness. That is like really thin and might affect the battery as well but the size is truly possible since we already have seen Samsung galaxy S6 of about 6.8 mm thickness.

It is reported that fan-out technology is used by Apple for space saving as to reduce the thickness. Anyways, if the apple iphone 7 really does get slim, it means they will have to ditch the ditch the bulky 3.5mm headphone jack. There are leaks saying that Apple earbuds will be there in the apple iphone 7 box.

Moreover, the hottest leaks includes that there will be no headphone jack available, the phone will be water resistant and there will also be bezel-less metal body.

iPhone 7 Screen

Let’s just jump to the screen part where the leaks talks about sharper screen as well as edge to edge display in apple iphone 7. The resolution will be pretty high and Apple is seemingly expected to shift to glass-on-glass screens so the display might be of 4k and QHD. QHD screens are already seen in a lot of android phones including Sony Xperia Z5 Premium which has 4k.

But we also need to consider that iphone 6s is just 1080p and it cannot just directly jump into 4k. Talking about high resolution, it means the size will also be bigger. These days, all the competitors in smartphones industry do focus on the phone size. However, it still might be near 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model.

It could also shift from LCD display to an OLED display just like Samsung has in alotof its phones.

Apple iPhone 7 Release, Features & iPhone 7 Specs
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