There must be a lot of people out there who still have Apple iPhone 5S in their hands and are looking for the upgrade which is obviously the Apple iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone 5S VS Apple iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6S Display VS Apple iPhone 5S Display

The most obvious and the biggest difference of all come to the size of the display in iPhone 6S. The 4 inch display has been ditched by the Apple and the screen of Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 6 comes up to 4.7 inch larger this time. Even though, if we compare this size with an android phone, the size is a bit too compact but according to the 4 inch size in the Apple iPhone 5s, it’s still a long jump for the Apple and it might also feel a bit different and weird initially. Later on, one gets used to of it and becomes easy to handle as there are a lot of advantages of having a large display.

There is also a high resolution panel; there is an IPS LCD display with 326 pixels per inch and 750 x 1334 resolutions. This shows clearly that the panel is really pixel packed and even better than 720p. So the overall display is absolutely fantastic. The viewing angles are great, the colors are just perfect and the results aren’t too over saturated either. However, few details do lack when talk about an upgrade.

Apple iPhone 6S Size VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Size

As we have seen above that the display just got bigger in Apple iPhone 6S, the compact nature found in Apple iPhone 5S is all gone for sure. For people who used to go to gym and fitness centers, Apple iPhone 5S was a great friend for them being all too handy and even fits in smaller hands. In Apple iPhone 5s, one doesn’t needs to stretch his fingers to much to reach any corner or option on the display.

Apple iPhone 6S body, we have 7000-series aluminium due to which the phone is even stronger and thicker as well. It is also a bit heavier as compared to iPhone 6 which weighs around 43g with thickness of 7.1mm. So overall, the Apple iPhone 6S is 31g more heavier and ½ mm more thinner compared to the Apple iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 5S VS Apple iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6S Processor VS Apple iPhone 5S Processor

64-bit processor was found in iPhone 5S smartphone for the first time in A7 and after its release, the world of smartphone have caught up as well. Apple iPhone 6 had an updated A8 chip which in performance was way faster with a good improved GPU performance and it’s smaller as well. In Apple iPhone 6S, we have A9 powered version. This chip is better than the previous ones and is faster approximately 50-60% as compared to the A8. Apple iPhone 6S have 2GB RAM and Apple iPhone 5S has 1GB RAM so yes the upgrade is absolutely fast.

Apple iPhone 6S VS Apple iPhone 5S Features
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