We are pretty sure that everyone especially those who are mobile phones fanatic know about Apple iPhone 6S Plus as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. These are truly popular these days in the market and purchasing power is high as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus .

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Touch ID vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Scanner

It’s time to be brutally honest and here we go with our first consideration. Samsung’s scanner isn’t as useful as the Apple’s touch ID. Scanners basically unlock the phone which works in both the phones. When we talk about mobile payments, both of them are very efficient and the use Samsung Pay, Apple Pay. The benefit we have with Touch ID is that it is used as authentication for a lot of apps. This option is limited in Samsung scanner.

Live Photos in Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Live photos is an amazing feature in Apple iPhone 6s plus. One needs to go to to the camera settings and enable this feature. It will record audio and video of some seconds and this will be centered around your picture once you have snapped it. this way live photos can be viewed easily if you go to the camera roll and press and hold your finger on that picture. Moreover, these live photos can be used as wallpapers and such.

Apple iPhone 6S Camera VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Camera

Well it is quite hard to capture a live photo which is worth looking again and again while recording a video or audio from the video camera is easier. If you want to capture good live photos, try to snap a small detail that doesn’t comes in a still photo like any type of facial movement, person speaking or winding rushing etc. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus also has a really good camera with 16MP rear shooter and Apple iPhone 6S plus only has 12 MP but the fact that it lacks the option of live photos, doesn’t make it a winner here.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus

3D Touch in Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Widgets in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

The 3D touch technology is offered by Apple in iPhone 6S plus. This feature is very unique iPhone as well. Through this, you can apply different pressures on the display of Apple iPhone 6S plus for different kind of functions. You can preview the new incoming messages in the Mail and if you want to open it, you need to press it more forcefully. The widgets in Androids like the one in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus provide similar functions. You can have app widgets like twitter or Facebook and then view photos or check in really quickly.

3D Touch in Apple iPhone 6S plus enables the user to have quick access of the home-screen for a lot of features in the apps while widgets in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are more for singular use and takes up screen real estate as well.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
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