Samsung is known for its best ever super-sized smartphones that includes its note series as well. Apple iPhone 6S Plus is the Apple’s latest model up till now with even more features than its predecessors, the main Samsung Competitor is Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Design VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design

Apple iPhone 6S Plus has just the same design as that of Apple iPhone 6 plus the fact that it was a huge success and the users were really happy with it. The design is again of aluminum body and is noticeable heavier as compared to the previous iphone 6 plus. You will feel it as soon as you pick it up and will need some time to get used to it. It might be difficult initially for snapping selfies etc. on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is more kind of a handy phone. Samsung did decrease inches from the phone which is one of the main reasons it’s comfortable to use. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have been kind of influenced by Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in this aspect because it has curved edges too.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Screen VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen

Moving towards the screen, both Apple iPhone 6S plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have different technologies for screen. Apple has IPS LCD while AMOLED display has been used by the Samsung. The pixel resolution of Note 5 is 2,560 x 1,440 so the results are very sharp, real with good colours. The videos and images are very vibrant. You might think that the colors look over saturated but for that, you can easily go and adjust the balance from the settings.

Nevertheless, Apple iPhone 6S plus isn’t a bad one either and has Apple’s new 3D Touch tech in it. The display has a pressure-sensitive layer in it. If you want a selfie mode, you simply press a bit hard on the icon of the camera. It can also be used to show a link in safari. Apple should still come up with better things and more exciting innovations in terms of screen to really amaze the users.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Connectivity VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Connectivity

We literally mean it that both the phones are excellent when it comes to connectivity and one shouldn’t worry about it. They both have the latest edition of Bluetooth 4.2. There is also plus 802.11ac Wi-Fi. 4G/LTE bands are also supported by them.

Even though iPhone 6S plus and Samsung Note 5 have NFC but only Note 5 can use it except the mobile payments. Virtual wallet alternative is backed by each phone. Apply Pay is for Apple iPhone 6S plus which is easily available in UK. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on the other side have Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay has more advantages and seems to be a really good solution because it can work on every card machines however; it is restricted till US and South Korea only.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5
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