Are you also one of those who are thinking about an upgrade keeping iPhone 6S in their hands or confused between buying Apple iPhone 6S plus because it’s the new one in the market but Apple iPhone 6S being the cheaper one.

Apple iPhone 6S VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Design VS Apple iPhone 6S Design

Apple iPhone 6S Plus has a thickness of around 7.3mm and weighs 192g. The series is 7000 anodized with the back being of aluminum and it comes in colors of space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold. iPhone 6S has a thickness of 7.1mm thick and weighs 143g. The series is again 7000 anodized aluminium back and comes in colors of space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold.

So both these phones based on designs do look similar to one another and to their predecessors as well. However there are differences in it. The obvious difference is that of size where iPhone 6S is of 4.7-inch screen and Apple iPhone 6S plus is of 5.5 inch being larger than 6S. Also that, the same alloy style is used in both the phones and the bend-gate is surely gone.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Screen VS Apple iPhone 6S Screen

Apple iPhone 6S Plus screen is 3D Touch with 1920 x 1080, it is of 401 ppi and size being 5.5-inch. iPhone 6S screen also has 3D Touch with 1334 x 750 IPS LCD, it is of 326 ppi and size being 4.7-inch. It is to be noted that the larger the screen, the more fun it is to watch videos, play games, make clips and even browse.

Other than this, the image quality in both is outstanding even the contrast and sharpness levels are quite accurate. The 3D touch enables you to preview all the links of websites, from app icons, it moves directly to key functions and one can access shortcuts easily. Due to this feature, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus both are heavier and thicker as well compared to the previous iPhones.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Camera VS Apple iPhone 6S Camera

iPhone 6S Plus has 12-megapixel along with phase detection property we can see there is an OIS along with dual LED flash, the video is of 4K and the front camera is of   1.2-megapixel iPhone 6S has 12-megapixel along with phase detection property. It also has dual LED flash, the video is of 4K and the front camera is of 1.2-megapixel as well.

apple iphone 6s vs apple iphone 6s plus

Over here the technology used for camera is also a lot similar. From 8 MP cameras they both have jumped to 12 MP cameras so the pictures taken are even more detailed. The color leak in between the pixels has been reduced by the Apple so the results are very clean and clear. If we talk about the video recording, it has gone up to 4K bringing so there is even more rivalry of it with other best android phones. The only notable difference here is the OIS which is the optical image stabilization. This feature is not available in iPhone 6s while iPhone 6s plus owns it.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs Apple iPhone 6S
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