Apple Iphone 6 was fortunately a success for Apple and people are still buying it. There also some buyers who only go for Apple products and denies to switch their phone company. Sony Xperia Z3 struggles in the market for gaining its followers. Let’s compare both of them to know which is better than which.

Apple iPhone 6 VS Sony Xperia Z3 Comparison

Apple iPhone 6 Design VS Sony Xperia Z3 Design

Sony’s Xperia Zs body is light in weight, dust proof and really thing with high quality materials being used. It uses Omni-balance design but still its not appealing to a lot of people because a flap for charge port is required and becomes really annoying as a smartphone takes a lot of time to charge.

These high materials are also used by Apple iPhone 6 and still battling with other smartphones. It has a back of anodized aluminum along with an Apple logo and the face is covered with glass. Compared to Sony xperia z3, it is round, silky and a bit small to hold in hands. There is also a camera sensor on the rear. There is no physical home button in Sony Xperia z3 unlike iPhone 6 and the back is flat.

Apple iPhone 6 Display VS Sony Xperia Z3 Display

5.2-inch full-HD display is found in sony xperia z3 while iphone 6 is about 4.7 inches that is about 10 percent smaller with an LCD screen of 1,334 x 750 pixels. The pixel density on the other hand is of 326 pp being brighter than the Z3. Sony xperia still stays behind compared to the QHD display in terms of pixel density but its still HD screen. The display is bright with good angles and it is visible in the sunlight as well. The hue is purple and the background is not pure white.

Apple iPhone 6 Software VS Sony Xperia Z3 Software

Sony Xperia Z3 has Snapdragon 801 processor but it is not faster than iphone 6. The navigation between the screen and apps is faster as the hardware and software designed by the apple is really well. Sony Xperia on the other hand isn’t slow or stops working, it just isn’t faster.

Apple iPhone 6 Performance VS Sony Xperia Z3 Performance

Iphone 6 runs on IOS 8 while the android phone including sony xperia z3 runs on lollipop and I think we all know that the difference between these two handsets is noticeable

Apple iPhone 6 Camera VS Sony Xperia Z3 Camera

The camera technology of Sony is used in other Samsung smartphones as well because it is absolutely number one! Sony xperia z3 has a 20.7 MP which is truly detailed and has a crystal clear result. There is an 8 MP iSight camera along with a True Tone flash in the Apple iphone 6.

The raw pixels in the Apple iPhone 6 are half as compared to the xperia z3. The camera of iphone 6 is no doubt a really good one and the die heart fan of iphone always defend everything about it by saying that the Apple company owns it all!

Apple iPhone 6 VS Sony Xperia Z3 Features
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