Apple Iphone 5 SE phone is release by Apple Inc in California and is assembled in China. In Short the Iphone is similar in shape and size to Iphone 5S, but it has the enhanced features same as in Iphone 6S.


Apple Iphone 5 SE Advanced Security

The Touch ID in Iphone 5 SE makes it more secure as fingerprint is best for security.. After all, your fingerprint is the perfect password, no two are alike, and you always have it with you.

Apple Iphone 5 SE Touch ID & Apple Pay

Touch ID isn’t just for unlocking your phone. It also lets you use Apple Pay at over two million stores and within apps. In stores, just hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID and you’re done. The card details are never shared with anyone and apple never stored on your device. Apple Pay is a safer, more private way to pay rather than other alternatives.

Wireless Features in Iphone 5 SE

Faster LTE and Wi‑Fi.

With Iphone 5 SE, the browsing of the web, application downloading and games download, and stream video over 802.11ac Wi-Fi and LTE. The speed in iphone 5SE is better than on iPhone 5s. Iphone 5SE has more LTE bands which make iPhone SE better for worldwide roaming.

iPhone SE also supports Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling for high-quality wideband calls. And with Bluetooth technology, you can stay connected to your Apple Watch, external speakers, and other devices with Iphone 5SE as its Bluetooth is compatible with Bluetooth Technology, External Speakers and other Devices.

Apple Iphone 5 SE Features iOS 9

Hardware and Software made for each other

Iphone 5 SE has an easy-to-use interface with best and amazing features and security at its core. iOS 9 is the most. It’s designed to look beautiful and work beautifully on your iPhone, so even the simplest tasks are more fun.

Apple Iphone 5 SE

Apps that help you do more every day

Your iPhone comes with a collection of essential apps right out of the box. Messages allows you send texts with photos, videos, links, and more. Music makes it easy to access the entire Apple Music library along with your personal collection.

With FaceTime, you can get video calls from your iPhone to someone else’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And Maps keeps you headed in the right direction with spoken turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic updates, and a helpful Transit view.

With over a million and a half apps in the App Store, you will be able to build your phone your own, Whether you browse by category or search for something specific, quickly discover and download new apps with a tap

Apple iPhone 5 SE: Technical Specifications and Advanced Features
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