Apple iPhone was launched in 2007. Basic Apple Iphone 1 was the first ever touch screen smartphone which was released globally. Apple iPhone was a revolution in the history of Apple.

Apple iphone 1

History of Apple

The History of Apple is quite interesting and astonishing. It was Founded in a garage in 1976. Apple was founded by three persons; Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In the beginning, it began as a personal computer pioneer that today makes everything from laptops to portable media players.

It has Headquartered in Cupertino, California, the consumer electronics giant entered the smartphone marketplace with the iPhone in 2007, and the tablet market with the iPad in 2010, and the smartwatch market with the Apple Watch in 2014.

Apple iPhone 1 Smarphone Launch

Basic Apple Iphone 1 was launched in June 2007. It was first Designed by Steve Jobs at Apple in California. Basic iphone was assembled in China.

Apple iPhone 1 Features

Apple iPhone 1 is considered to be one of the best Smartphone when it was launched. They were the pioneers in the touch screen mobiles smartphones. Given Below are the Features of Basic Apple iPhone 1,

iPhone Display

Basic Apple iPhone 1 has a 3.50 inch display screen. The Display of Iphone which was launched in 2007 was very clear at that time and it was the best. The resolution of Basic Iphone 1 is 320 pixels by 480 pixels.

iPhone 1 Internal Storage

Basic Internal Storage of Iphone was 4GB. The Storage is Internal and it can not be increased nor expanded. The iphone is powered by 412 MHz and the iphone comes with 128MB RAM.

iPhone 1 Camera

The Camera of Basic Apple Iphone 1 is 2 Megapixel, which is the primary camera on the rear back side. There is no Flash in the basic apple iphone camera.

iPhone 1 Size

Basic Apple Iphone 1 has a size of 115.00 x 61.00 x 11.60 (height x width x thickness). The Basic Iphone has IOS 3 which is the basic IOS in Iphone and it runs in IOS 3.

iPhone 1 Sim and Connectivity Options

Basic Apple Iphone 1 is a single SIM phone, and GSM smartphone accepts only 1 sim which is of regular size. The Connectivity options in basic iphone include Wifi and simple Bluetooth. Usually other phones at that time had Infrared options but apple didn’t introuded infrared in any versions. The sensors in basic apple iphone include Ambient light sensor, Gryoscope, Proximity Sensor and Gryoscope.

Apple iPhone 1 Features, Specs & History of Apple
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